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Healthy breakfast

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So the holiday season is winding down and I know most people are feeling guilty after all the eating drinking.  I personally am not! Mark Twain says it perfectly  “There are people who strictly deprive themselves of each and ever … Continue reading

Mother’s day brunch

mother's day brunch © 2010 . All rights reserved.

There’s really nothing else to say.  The picture says it all. So good! Eggs benny with proscuitto, asparagus and hollandaise sauce.  The only tricky bit is getting the timing of the hollandaise.  The great thing about this dish is how … Continue reading

nothing in the fridge? bull$&*#

morning eggs © 2010 . All rights reserved.

How many times have you reached for the fridge and found nothing?  You leave and walk back 5 mins later thinking that some food has miraculously appeared.  I’ve done it time and time again.  But really, is there nothing in … Continue reading

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